Jonathan Ford

Jonathan Ford is an award-winning and multi-faceted creative, with over 30 years experience at the forefront of the design industry, featuring creative direction, brand design, recently diversifying into garden design, photography and a film direction project. His 2023 exhibition of oversized mono relief prints on canvas, washi paper, and bespoke digital prints, overlaid with hand tinting and other techniques represents a typical departure and pushing of personal creative boundaries for Jonathan, whilst bringing together artistic and personal passions.

Taking days to prepare, and hours to produce a single print, often with a high rate of failure but always a unique outcome, this departure into mono relief printmaking has been a solo but passionate endeavour, of scale and complexity, where natural impact and beauty can be brought to make an impression on a wider audience.

In addition to producing unique off mono prints over a variety of sizes to suit different residential and business spaces Jonathan also offers a bespoke editions service where smaller scale prints can be customised to an individuals needs offering a deeper sense of involvement and personal connection to a time and space.

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